Dining Room Do-over

Dead Muppets

Happy Monday, friends. So, we closed on the house on Friday and immediately began to clean and prep for weeks of updating. One of the first rooms we’ve tackled was this room. It was maybe a formal living room in its past life, but it’s going to be my dining room. Check out this original ‘Wild Cherry’ shag carpet. I nicknamed it the Dead Muppet carpet though, because that’s what it looks like. Horrendous red and pink acrylic feeling carpet, backed in jute, and on padding that had been down so long, it was practically melted to the floor. 


Pink Walls?!?

Yes! Pink walls! I picked out tons of paint chips and went back and forth on whether or not the pink walls would be too overwhelming but finally decided on this particular pink which isn’t too Pepto Bismal and not too Young Infant Nursery Room but a nice soft pink which I believe will look great against the wood floors.


It took 2 coats of Valspar Premium Paint and Primer to cover white walls. We chose the eggshell finish, and used a low nap roller. The color of these walls is called Baby Blush, so maybe it is Young Infant Nursery Room pink. Haha


Original Wood Floors

We were told by the listing agent that there were hardwoods under the carpet throughout the house but the condition was unknown. After the paint dried, we were anxious to rip out the Dead Muppet carpet and see what the floors looked like. The carpet was so old, it was pretty much dry rotted, and it came out easily. The padding was equally dry rotted, and it crumbled when we tried to remove it. Thankfully, it wasn’t glued down and with minimal effort, the remaining pieces came up easily. What’s left was just residual and easily came up with a good scrubbing of Murphy’s Oil Soap.  Unfortunately, the padding left stains so at some point I’ll need to have the floors refinished, but with 3 kids and 2 dogs, I am not in a hurry to fork out the cash to refinish floors just yet. 



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