Instant Update

Aqua Doors

Hey friends, happy Monday. We closed on my new house on Friday and immediately went over to start the process of cleaning and prepping for the upcoming weeks of updates. Saturday morning, I tackled the job of painting the front and side doors of the house.

The doors were previously white, as seen in this picture:


But with $10 and an hour of time, now they look like this:


This color is called Teal Zeal by Behr paint from Home Depot. We chose a Satin finish in exterior paint, and it took 3 coats to cover the white paint on the wooden door. We only bought a quart of paint, and even with 3 coats on the front and side door, there is still plenty of paint leftover. Admittedly, the door is not in great shape, and it looks like it was previously damaged by water, so that will get changed at some point. I’m on the lookout for a retro door!!

To Paint or Not to Paint

I’m debating if I want to paint the side window too. What do you guys think? I’ve seen it done both ways, and it looks great both ways, but I’m undecided as to whether or not I want to paint it. What would you do?



One thought on “Instant Update

  1. Ann Lee S. says:

    what a lovely home! it will be fun to watch your progress! I would only color the door, not the side window, easier to change the color if you choose, and if you get a new door, you don’t have to repaint the side. ann lee s


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